Jumble Interactive for Kindle

A jumble cartoon clue

Jumble is one of America’s top word puzzles. More than 60 million people in over 600 newspapers in the United States and Canada have access to Jumble every day. The Jumble game is also available in interactive format online on sites such as Shockwave.com, uClick’s Puzzle Society, Yahoo games and AOL’s www.games.com.

We are proud to bring you Jumble for Kindle, featuring the well-known and addictive game-play right on your Kindle’s e-ink screen. As with our other puzzles, Jumble is available in various book sizes and allows you to get hints, solve your puzzles, save completed ones and more.

The classic Daily Jumbles are currently created for Tribune Media Services by David Hoyt and Jeff Knurek.

Jumble Interactive for Kindle Jumble Interactive for Kindle Jumble Interactive for Kindle Jumble Interactive for Kindle


Each Jumble puzzle features four jumbled words for you to unscramble, which gradually reveals letters that can be used to solve the bonus phrase. Unscramble the bonus phrase to complete the puzzle. Each puzzle contains a cartoon clue, that will help you crack it, but watch out for puns!

Jumble contains a Solve Puzzle feature if you get stuck and want to see the answer, a Reset Puzzle feature if you want to start over, and a Hints feature to help you out along the way.



Current Version: 1.1

Requires Amazon Kindle Keyboard