What Do These Three Clues Have in Common???

TriBond is a mobile trivia game based on the TriBond board game, which has sold over three million copies, and was inducted into Games Magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2001.

The TriBond mobile game asks players to choose 3 out of 4 clues that have something in common. Players can play for fun in the FUN mode or play competitively in the CHALLENGE mode, where they can progress in levels, gain points, use  hints and share their score and clues with their friends through social media.

Remember – the faster you solve the question, the better the score.

The TriBond clues contain references to current events including television, movies, music and other pop culture trivia categories. Additional Levels and Threezers packs are available for in-app purchase.

TriBond features:
  • FUN Mode – 48 FREE Threezers + 280 Threezers that you can unlock simply by referring your friends.
  • CHALLENGE Mode – 15 FREE levels + 70 locked Levels that can easily be unlocked each time you refer a friend to play.
  • Global high scores.
  • Bonus rounds.
  • Share your score and questions with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or via email.
  • Portrait mode only.
NOOK App : TriBond

Cheats and Tips

  • Invite your friends to play to unlock more Threezers and Levels.
  • When you run out of ideas, you can use a Hint.


  • Clue – one of the four words that comprise a Threezer.
  • Threezer – a set of four Clues, three of them have something in common.
  • Level (CHALLENGE mode only) – a set of four Threezers. The Clue that does not belong in each Threezer becomes a Clue in the next Threezer.
FUN mode: Play for fun – no time pressure or points.
  • Your goal is to find the three Clues that have something in common by marking them and then tapping “Solve”.
  • FUN mode offers 48 Threezers for free and 280 locked Threezers that can be unlocked by inviting your friends to play Tribond.
  • You can also purchase additional Threezers packs via the “Get More Threezers” button from the FUN mode menu or game screen.
CHALLENGE mode: Outplay yourself and others – race the clock to progress in levels and points!
  • Choose a pack to play – Free, Lite, Pro or Champ. Each pack features a different set of Threezers and Levels.
  • The Free pack offers 15 Levels for free and 70 locked Levels which can be unlocked by inviting your friends to play TriBond.
  • Purchase additional Level Packs (Lite/Pro or Champ) on the CHALLENGE mode menu.
  • How to play:
    • The CHALLENGE mode is comprised of Levels, with each Level featuring four Threezers.
    • Solve a Threezer by tapping the three words that have something in common and then tapping “Solve”.
    • The Clue that did not share anything in common in that Threezers, becomes a Clue in the next Threezer in that Level.
    • Solve the four Threezers to complete the Level and move to the next one.
    • The faster you solve a Threezer the more points you accumulate.
    • You can mark and unmark Clues as needed. However, if you mark the wrong Clues and tap on Solve, you accumulate mistakes. After three mistakes your game will be over!
    • When you run out of ideas, you can use a Hint. The Hint you will receive will be either the common theme for that Threezer or one of the Clues that share that theme. You can only request three hints.
    • Log your high score and see how others are doing via Scoreloop.


Release date: Current Version: 0.15 Requires Android: 2.3.7 and up. Compatibility: Tablets and Smartphones.