Turbo Crosswords Pro


Do you love crossword puzzles and word games but look for more action? From renowned crossword writer Myles Mellor, in partnership with Puzux, comes Turbo Crosswords Pro – a fast paced word game of clues and answers.

Turbo Crosswords Pro features +1,500 clues divided into 30 difficulty levels, with surprise bonus rounds. Answer each clue as fast as you can – the faster you answer the more points you can rack up.

Game Highlights:
  • Time to solve each clue gets shorter in each level.
  • Enter the answer using the onscreen keyboard.
  • Accumulate points by solving faster.
  • Get hints by revealing letters in the answer.
  • Don’t run out of fuel – look at your Fuel Gauge!

Turbo Crosswords Pro features:
  • 30 levels of difficulty.
  • +1,500 clues total.
  • Local high scores.
  • Resume last game played.
  • Bonus rounds.
  • Share your score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or via email.
  • Portrait mode only.

Cheats and Tips

  • Tap “Reveal a Letter” to get a hint.
  • Solve clues quickly to get more fuel.
  • Solve 3 clues in a row without any mistake you’ll get bonus points and more fuel.
  • Solve a whole level with no mistake and get 500 points + a Fuel Shield for the next round!
  • Solve a clue correctly on a Bonus Round and get 160 points + more fuel.
NOOK App : Turbo Crosswords


Turbo Crosswords Pro offers 30 levels with 10 clues in each level out of a database of +1,500 different clues. The goal of the game is to solve each clue as fast and accurate as possible. The faster you solve the more points and bonuses you can get. The level of difficulty of the clues gets higher and higher as you progress in the game, whereas the time to solve each letter in the clue gets shorter as you pass levels. To start a new game simply tap “Start a New Game” from the main menu. Your first clue will be shown and now all you need to do is solve it using the onscreen keyboard.



Current Version: 1.0.8

Requires Android: 2.3.7 and up.

Compatibility: Tablets; Smartphones.